Good if you want to have some casual fun with people in your area.
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If you are someone who prefers a more convenient method, you can download the app onto your phone or tablet. This way, you will always be able to see precisely who is available, regardless of where you go.


Lots of suitable matches

Easy and free registration

Can narrow down searches

Fun and flirty features


Profiles aren’t very detailed

Can be too many matches

If you’re looking for a casual dating website, then loveaholics might strike your fancy! It’s easy to sign up for, has a ton of members and comes with a variety of handy features that’ll help you find that special someone.

Potential Dates

There is plenty of fish in the sea and quite a large portion of them are signed up to Loveaholics. As soon as you sign up, there are literally hundreds of dating profiles that you can browse through and choose from. Loveaholics only shows you profiles that are near your area, saving you from the hassle of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Part of the reason that Loveaholics is quite popular is that it’s very inclusive. Unlike some dating sites, it doesn’t cater to one demographic in particular. So you’re likely to come across people from different ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Love comes in all forms and Loveaholics understands that.

Signing Up

Registration is completely free for women. As soon as you sign up, you can access all of Loveaholics’ features and download the app on your phone. We didn’t find it as easy to sign up as though. On the other hand, while men can sign up for free, they’re not able to use all the features. Most importantly, men aren’t able to reply to messages unless they upgrade to either a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month subscription.

The actual signup process couldn’t be easier. You’ll be prompted with a short form that asks for your gender, age, and zip code. After that, you need to enter an e-mail address and password, and you’re done!

Likewise, creating a dating profile is effortless. It’ll contain your screen name, a profile picture of your choosing, a status update and a few details about you such as your marital status, body type, and ethnicity.

Finding People

Finding potential dates on Loveaholics is quite simple. All you need to do is hit the advanced search function and narrow the results down with your preferences. You can set an age range, select a gender and set a location. This is not really an affair dating site but you can try is you are looking for that. Depending on where you’ve set the location to, you still have a long list of profiles to choose from even after narrowing things down!

Once you’ve come across a dating profile that you like, you can send them a chat request. Alternatively, you can join chat rooms as well.


Other than chat requests, you can also send winks, friend requests, and flirtcasts, giving you additional ways to flirt with a potential date. A wink is a quick, gentle ‘nudge’ that you give a person to let him/her know that you’re interested. It’s quicker and more convenient than sending a message, especially if you’re not that good with words.

Friend requests work pretty much the same way as Facebook. A person can choose to accept it after reviewing your dating profile and then you can proceed to message each other. Finally, flirtcasts allow you to send the same flirty message to several dating profiles at once.


The Loveaholics blog gives you very useful dating tips, whether you’re single, in an open relationship or going through a divorce. Some posts even give you tips for dating in specific countries.

Ease of Use

Even if you’ve never had prior experience with a dating site before, Loveaholics should be quite easy to use. The layout of the website is quite simple and clean, allowing you to find your way around it fairly quickly.

The app makes things even easier for you. You can keep up with incoming messages and find dates easily wherever you go. Thanks to the included features, you have different ways of flirting with people as well.


If you’re a man, you’ll have to get a paid subscription in order to unlock all the features and respond to chat requests. As mentioned above, you can choose from 1-month, 3-months and 6-months for around $30, $60, and $90 respectively (prices may vary, depending on your location. For instance, in the UK, you’ll have to pay £ 29.99, £ 65.37 and £ 81.12).

If you’re not sure about paying for an entire month, you can try out the site for three days by paying just a few dollars. However, be warned: if you don’t unsubscribe in time, your subscription will immediately be extended to one month and you will be charged.

Safety and Reliability

As far dating sites go, Loveaholics is one of the more secure ones. Both your personal and banking information is encrypted and not sold to third parties.

In addition, they’ve got moderators that check and approve profiles before they’re listed. If the suspect that the user has included fake information, they may prevent the profile from going live. If you come across profiles that you suspect are fake, you can easily report it to customer support. The same goes for any other security concerns.

In Summary…

Here are the pros and cons of signing up to Loveaholics:


  • Tons of people are using it
  • Takes only a few minutes to get started and have a profile up
  • Easy to navigate and use, even if it’s your first time using a dating site
  • Completely free for women, with all features included
  • Blog posts give you very useful advice on dating and maintaining relationships
  • Your information is kept safe and secure


  • Men have to get a paid subscription in order to chat
  • It appears that more men use the site than women, even if it’s free for the latter
  • Could use some more filtering criteria in the advanced search tool

Loveaholics is a casual dating site that’s very inclusive and is completely free for women. It can, however, be a bit expensive for men so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and you’re specifically looking for ‘Affair Dating’, then you may want to try as an alternative.

Well known site
Profiles aren’t very detailed and sometimes you can have too many matches.
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Profile Quality
2.3 Overall Rating
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4.5 rating
A dating site that is available in a number of different countries.
2.3 rating
Good if you want to have some casual fun with people in your area.
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You have to be a paid member to look at albums on profiles.
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