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22 de abril de 2020 0 38
Many people who consider having an affair are often quite happy within their main relationships. In fact, most ...
1 de abril de 2020 0 32
In our day and age, cheating has become rampant. You may be in a loving relationship but your ...
12 de março de 2020 0 29
Extramarital affairs are fairly common. However, most movies, media, and even accounts focus on the “other woman”. Few ...
20 de dezembro de 2019 0 46
Even though the TV sitcom Friends ended a long time ago, it still holds quite a bit of ...
9 de dezembro de 2019 0 26
Falling in love with another person can feel all-consuming. You may have met someone on a site like ...
10 de novembro de 2019 0 38
Relationships are not always easy and there are more and more people looking for some fun outside of ...
10 de setembro de 2019 0 38
Infidelity, unfortunately, has become more commonplace than ever before. Over the years, women and men have become lax ...
9 de setembro de 2019 0 41
I’ve been married to John for more than a decade. It goes without mention that I love him ...
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